Role playing


1. To practice and train individual good practices beforehand
2. to empathize with other teachers
3. to correct mistakes and get ready for actual using the techniques


Teachers, Mentor, Tutors


Learning a new teaching technique or handling hard case studies.

Methodology and timing

1. Teachers put down common problems and mistakes (role-playing scenarios) (5’)
2. They brainstorm possible solutions and techniques (15’)
3. Teachers choose role-playing scenarios and are assigned roles (5’)
4.    Ideally they switch roles (15-20’)
5. Teachers reflect on their feelings, findings, what worked and what was not effective, first individually, then together (15-30’)


  1. This is a perfect technique for teacher trainings – participants randomly choose from a set of situations and are forced to react immediately.
  2. This technique is particularly effective in classroom management topic.

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