Headmaster training across Europe

What kind of training is required in your country to become a headmaster? Who provides these initial trainigs  How long does the training take in your country? How satisfied are you with the way headmasters are trained in your country?
Austria In the past no initial training was required, but in the first 4 years of being a headmaster we had to attend a school management course (7 days, online training and reflective paper).
At the moment the requirements are changing: From 2023 onwards all applicants have to have attended a 20 ECTS pre-training for basic qualifications in school management + 60 ECTS training when they have been appointed.
Regional school authorities 51 to 75 days 3
Belgium Having min 5 years experiences as a teacher and a master degree or a bachelor degree + 5 training periods of +/- 3 days each
5 modules of around 5 days each : 3 from official education training center and 2 from school network training center (catholic, provinces and cities or official)
Ministry of Education,
Other governmental organisations
15 to 30 days

about 160 hours
120 hours
more or less 15 days
300 hours + a master
around 20 days, on one or two years

Germany This may differ across the country but generally no specific training is required. less than 15 days
less than 15 days
15 to 30 days
less than 15 days
more than 100 days
more than 100 days2 years
2,5 years ( 4 x 2 days; 4 x 1 day educational law)
Slovakia Minimum 6 years of practice as teacher, then first atestation (1. preparation of teacher´s atestation portfolio – a paper – and its defence + 2. an oral exam). This is followed by Functional training of school managers (Funkčné vzdelávanie vedúcich pedagogických pracovníkov) which takes 2 years and consists of 320 hours of training (done in present form). Other governmental organisations
All of it takes 320 hours = 40 working days (8 hours per day) but it is divided into basic module and additional modules. The basic module has to be done before appointing into headmaster position and the additional modules might be done across fisrt 5 years. 2
Sweden When you start working as a headmaster, you had to go a 3 year course at the university while you are working at school as well. Universities 3 years N/A
Denmark A full teachers degree – master is preferred
preferaply eg – a diploma in leadership
Non-governmental organisations
University colleges
more than 100 days
The full teacher education – normally 4 years = 240 ECTS – a diploma in leadership would be another 30-60 ECTS
UK As of now nothing, though the NPQH is still seen by many schools as a prerequisite. Non-governmental organisations
more than 100 days N/A
Israel pedagogical education or higher education and 72 hours of pedagogical training Universities less than 15 days N/A
Bulgaria Applicants prepare and pass an exam which largely covers administrative competencies. There is some training intended to continue building skills, but to the best of my knowledge, there is no full standardized curriculum. Ministry of Education
Other governmental organisations
less than 15 days N/A
Portugal Functional education Ministry of Education
Other governmental organisations
30 – 32 days N/A