Lesson reflection


  1. to guide teachers in their reflection
  2. to make sure that lesson reflection takes into account all important aspects of teaching

Teachers, lesson observers

As soon as possible after the lesson taught

Methodology and timing

  1. Go to a quiet, calm and relaxed place with no distractions. You are not to be disturbed
  2. Answer all the questions in the reflection tool. Use lesson observation rubric if needed
  3. Make sure to provide evidence for every claim
  4. After the reflection, discuss the lesson and your reflection with the lesson observer.

There is no recommended timing for lesson reflection. Only requirement is that it serves the teacher and is alligned with their needs.


  1. The reflection should be done as soon as possible after the lesson
  2. Lesson observer should not comment on the lesson before teacher’s reflection takes place
  3. Reflection can be done orally, but it is recommended to record it in a written form

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