Learning circles


  1. To share common problems and streghten the sense of community, support and teamwork among teachers
  2. To come up with solutions and next steps collectively
  3. To regularly reflect on teachers’ challenges and share one’s struggles

Teachers, School staff

On a regular basis, at least once every two months

Methodology and timing

  1. Teachers gather and sit in a circle. They choose someone to take notes (2’)
  2. Everyone in a row shares their problems and current struggles. Others do not comment on them yet. (10’)
  3. Noterecorder summarizes all the problems and reads them aloud. The group votes which problems they should discuss during this session. It should me no more than two. (5’)
  4. The person who brought the problem again summarizes it in detail. Others are free to ask factual questions that help them understand the problem better
  5. The group brainstorms possible solutions. Discussion is not moderated (30+’)


  1. Learning circles are designed as a safe space for teachers to share their issues – the principles of safe sharing need to be watched at all times
  2. Before the very first session it is good to agree on common rules for the learning circles of the given group (eg the las vegas principle, no phones, no shaming etc). It is also good to repeat them collectively at the begininng of every session.
  3. Learning circles should occur at least every two months – ideally once a month.

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