Inspiration game


Help the fellow:

  • to gain insight into the conditions needed to stay motivated to do his work.
  • to gain insight into the extent to which the conditions are met today in the job.
  • to gain insight into how you can contribute yourself to meet the conditions needed to stay motivated.


Group of teachers


During a group coaching session

Methodology and timing

  1. Put all the ‘condition’ cards on the table.
  2. The fellows/teachers choose minimum 4 and maximum 8 conditions important for them to be motivated and to do their job good and write them on a post-it.(for each condition/one post-it). Say : ‘Choose min.4 and max.8 cards of the table that are important conditions for you to be motivate and to do your job good. Write each condition on a post-it.’
  3. The fellows/teachers put the conditions in a line of order of importance from (1 very important to 8 less important). Say : ‘Order the post-its from most important to less important.’
  4. The fellows/teachers write down on each post-it : Say : ‘Think about your actual situation, write on each post-it : a ++ if the condition is fully met today, +- if the condition is kind of met today , – if the condition isn’t met today in the current job.’
  5. The fellows/teachers discuss with their shouldermate about their conditions. Why did you choose these conditions? What’s is the order of importance? Why? Are their similarities/differences between you and you shouldermate?
  6. Group discussion about the conditions : What did you notice ? What is your conclusion?
  7. The fellows/teachers coach their shouldermate : How can you contribute to meet the conditions yourself? Who can help you? What do you still see as an obstacle? How can you tackle this obstacle?
  8. The fellows/teachers reflect on their next step(s). Say ‘write down what you will do to contribute to the conditions to be meet.’
  9. The fellows/teachers share their take-aways (insights, next steps, feelings, …) with the group if they want.


Do not be afraid to play this game with your group of fellows. You will be surprised about their motivation and the strength of willing to contribute to their conditions.

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