Student Vision plans


  1. to define clearly one’s goals and vision for the students
  2. to be accountable
  3. to be able to track students’ progress

Teachers, Pupils

At the beginning of the school year

Methodology and timing

  1. Initially, the teacher gets to know their students (approx. First two weeks/ month of the school year including testing)
  2. Teacher decides on their priorities for each class and draws up SMART goals for each area.
  3. Teacher also defines how they will track their students’ progress
  4. And also plans activities that will be conducted thorough the school year to achieve these goals
  5. Teacher reflects on the effectiveness on their methods regularly during the school year (whether the goals are being met) – if not, they update their Student Vision


  1. In every case, an effective reflection of one’s methods is key
  2. It is advised to consult one’s vision with colleagues and other school staff
  3. It is a great tool to share with parents and students.

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