How can you best support beginning teachers and make sure that they receive the guidance they need?

Provided by ZŠ Kecerovce and ZŠ Spišský Štvrtok – Slovakia

  • beginning teachers are assigned tutors/mentors that supervise and support them (obligatory in Slovakia)
  • up to 2 years
  • mutual lesson observations for inspiration, good practice & feedback
  • regular coaching meetings
  • adaptation plan (agreed upon by headmaster and new teacher; including dates for lesson observations, catch-up meetings, evaluation exam, …)


Provided by Institut de la Sainte Famille, Brussels – Belgium

  • dedicate hours to an experienced teacher to welcome and accompany the junior staff members and to actively listen to their needs
  • this teacher has the role of an internal mentor


  • facilitating professional integration
  • knowing roles of everyone
  • learning implicit rules
  • adjusting teaching in theory to experiences in class
  • sharing experiences with more experienced colleagues
  • collaborating with peers
  • becoming familiar with digital technologies


Provided by Centre Scolaire Eperonniers Mercelis, Brussels – Belgium

  • training of a volunteer to become an internal mentor for the school and their junior staff members
  • preparatory training for the mission with detailed job description and basic coaching concepts to guide beginning teachers

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