Authentic experience


  1. to get a direct community experience
  2. to reflect together
  3. to bond over a shared experience


Teachers, Tutors, Mentors


Whenever needed, at least once a school year.

Methodology and timing

1.  Teacher and Tutor/Mentor at first decide on the scope of their visit and their goals

2.  Both partners plan their visit beforehand, agreeing on the term with their links in the community

3.  Partners visit the community and follow their visit plan.

4.  After the visit, they both reflect on their experience – they write down the most important points and/or answers to the qiestions in the visit plan

5.  Next step is discussion about their experience.

6.  Partners record their most important findings and next steps they agreed on for future use.


1.  Ensure that the visit in the community is strengtening relationships on both sides

2.  Keep in mind positive approach and required welcoming nature of the visit.

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